WELCOME TO Deutsche Lufthansa Virtual

Welcome to Deutsche Lufthansa Virtual !
This Virtual Airline is meant to simulate the real Lufthansa and it's subsidiaries in a virtual matter.
In this virtual airline you can find the virtual operations of the following airlines:

Ready airlines:
01. Lufthansa
02. Lufthansa Regional
03. Lufthansa Cargo
04. Aerologic
05. Air Dolomiti
06. Helvetic Airways
07. Germanwings
08. Condor Airlines
09. Austrian Airlines
10. Swiss
The next airlines are currently processed:
11. Germania
12. Sunexpress and Sunexpress Deutschland

What makes this airline different from all other virtual airlines ?
1. An airline meant for people who do their flightsim hobby as real as it gets.
2. Membership is always free.
3. Flightsim is a hobby, not an obligation...so no monthly mandatory flights. You fly when you want...
4. Ranking system like no other virtual airline has.

So feel free to fill in the registration form or contact us :)


Pilots 58
Aircraft in fleet 674
Routes 9056
Total hours: 252:55
Flights total 93
Flights Regular 71
Flights Charter 22
% Flights Regular 76.34 %


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight Time
DLH044Joao Diniz  EDDF  ZSPD 14-01-2018 10:12
DLH034Martin Bernhardsgrütter  EDDM  LSZH 09-01-2018 00:35
DLH034Martin Bernhardsgrütter  LSZH  EDDM 09-01-2018 00:37
DLH044Joao Diniz  EDDN  HEGN 04-01-2018 04:14
DLH044Joao Diniz  WSSS  EDDF 29-12-2017 11:28






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